Introduction to Diamond Clarity™

Diamond Clarity™ is a new national program that formalizes a series of new and existing customer-enhancements that define how the company engages with current and future members during the sales and closing process, setting a new standard in our industry. It is built on two core principles: transparency and accountability, and it begins with a simple PROMISE.

Diamond PROMISE memorializes a series of operational procedures and enhancements in a single document that will be provided to all customers at the beginning of every sales presentation. Knowing their rights, and knowing what Diamond Resorts representatives will and will not do throughout the sales process gives existing and potential members better control of the decision-making process.

With this clear, concise and consistent information, consumers can easily determine whether the Diamond Resorts hospitality experience is the right decision for them and their family.

Diamond Clarity™ Promise – DiamondRESPECT

We know that first impressions are everything. That’s why we aim to consistently exceed expectations from day one.

For many of our members, attending a presentation at one of our high quality resorts was their first introduction to Diamond Resorts and the incomparable hospitality we offer.

After listening to your feedback, we set about refining our sales and marketing programs with a single, defining principle in mind: Respect.

Respect for your time... respect for your preferences and opinions... respect for what matters to you.

While other companies make promises, we deliver. This is DiamondRESPECT:


  • We will provide clear, concise and consistent information at our presentations so that you can easily decide whether committing to vacation is the right decision for you and your family.
  • You will receive a summary of maintenance fees charged to members of the Collection associations for each loyalty level over the past five years.
  • We seek to articulate the benefits of membership so you understand:
    • The various benefits associated with each loyalty level.
    • How to use your points to book accommodations as well as access additional selected hotels and cruises.
    • How to take advantage of/book Events of a Lifetime®, the Diamond Resorts Concert Series and Diamond Resorts Dinners, where available in your country/region.
    • How to use your points for other travel arrangements, such as airfare, or (for our Platinum members only) how to apply them to maintenance fees.
    • How your maintenance fees are being used to ensure that we offer our members and owners resorts of the highest quality with the latest amenities.


  • Diamond Resorts International’s focus on hospitality at some of the leading resorts in the world, and our strong reputation, integrity and credibility are the cornerstones of our business and set us apart from other companies in the industry.


  • At each presentation, you will be provided with the following materials:
    • Paper copies (or if requested copies viewable in real time on a tablet or similar device) of:
      • Purchase documents
      • Governing documents for your review prior to signing
      • Any country state-specific regulatory documents governing the purchase
  • You will be given sufficient time to review the purchase agreement and supporting addendum before signing.
  • You will meet with a Quality Assurance officer before signing any purchase documents. The Quality Assurance team is independent of the sales organization, and their compensation is not tied to the sale of a vacation membership.
  • The Quality Assurance officer will review all documents with you and ask a series of questions to ensure the following has been clearly explained:
    • Any applicable policy regarding transfer of the timeshare interest to a third-party and the fees and costs associated with such assignments.
    • How to use points for travel and other ancillary benefits.
    • How to use points for the payment of maintenance fees, if applicable, including disclosure of the exchange rate of points to maintenance fee dollars in such transactions.
    • Procedures and deadlines for saving or borrowing points from year-to-year, and the timing for use based on loyalty level.
    • Duration of the membership.
    • That maintenance fees are billed annually, must be current to make reservations, and are subject to annual increases in accordance with the project documents and applicable law.
  • All consumers have the right to ask a QA officer any questions they may have about their rights and obligations prior to signing any purchase documents.

Consumer Rights Advocacy Channel

If for any reason, we have not met your expectations from day one, we encourage you to e-mail our Consumer Rights Advocacy channel at

  • Upon receipt of a complaint, Diamond Resorts shall investigate and respond within 30 calendar days

Resale Scam Incident Report

If you have received unsolicited contact regarding the resale of your timeshare by either phone, e-mail or SMS text message and would like to report it to us, please complete the appropriate form below.

Resale Scam Incident Report – Phone Call

Resale Scam Incident Report – Email

Resale Scam Incident Report – SMS Text Message