My wife and I enjoy vacationing with our Diamond Resort Points at Varsity Clubs of America, Tucson, AZ, and have done so numerous times over the last several years. We arrived to spend a week and mid-week and we were surprised by my brother and sister-in-law who arrived to stay with us. We also had the pleasure of meeting one of your Front Desk employees, Jasmine, with whom we were quite impressed.

Jasmine even assisted us on the customer computer with quickly securing the room utilizing our points. Because of her exemplary customer service and dedication she helped make this happen so our vacation was much more enjoyable for all of us. 

I asked Jasmine how long she had been at the front desk and learned she was brand new. My initial reaction was WOW! Here was a new employee with this kind of pleasant personality and dedication to excellent customer service. As a retired Administrator of two County Offices with a total of 37 employees, I was impressed with her ability and dedication to greet and assist customers quickly and efficiently.  I thought she would train others by example on how to greet and deal appropriately with the public.

Jasmine deserves to be recognized by Diamond Resorts for her exemplary customer service, especially for going the extra mile for customers.

My Wife and I want to thank you for the privilege for being served by Jasmine!

Dale and Linda Varsity Clubs of America – Tucson April, 2018

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