We stayed in Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club and we had such a good room with a beautiful sea view. Thank you so much for a chance to stay in that room. We absolutely loved it. We love the sign outside the hotel - WELCOME HOME! It really feels like home. The minute you walk in the hotel; it’s very welcoming and very friendly. That really means a lot.

We have to mention the girl at reception, Sintia.  She is the best. If we needed any help she was the one to help us.

The other thing that we have to mention is the Ocean Breeze Terrace Bar.  Lovely, live music outside. 

We have to send a big thank you to the boys, Jesus , Yuri and Ramon. We were absolutely thrilled the way they looked after us and not only us. They always make sure that everything is ok and you are not cold.  If we were cold they gave us the blanket.  You must be very proud to have them.  So please be so kind and send them a big thank you from us.

Security on the high level; as secure as you could ever feel, thanks to Daniel.

Daniel from the entertainment team is a little star and was so funny to communicate in Russian language with him. He made us smile.

As you can see we really enjoyed our stay in Santa Barbara and to leave your family miles away; it really feels like home in your hotel.  Be very proud to have Sintia, Jesus, Yuri, Ramon, Daniel, Daniel - as a part of your team!

We are planning to go back to Santa Barbara and we really hope to see all of them again. Send a big hello to all of them from us and thank you so much for keeping us happy.

Olga & Irina Santa Barbara Golf & Ocean Club January, 2016

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