I have been holidaying at Sunset Bay for almost 20 years; sometimes staying for two to three months on and off over the year. During that time I and my family have got to know the place very well and know most of the staff. It's a great place to stay and the staff have always been excellent, providing top quality service.

I believe when people are on holiday their expectations rise and sometimes complaining may be too easy and excellent customer service may get “overlooked” – that is why I think management and staff should be made aware of excellent customer service and that a well-run holiday “resort” should be celebrated and applauded at the highest level. I think recognition and congratulations from the highest level makes a difference to people.

That's why, in 2016/17, I tried to thank everyone at Sunset Bay by writing to Diamond Resorts expressing my views and thanks for excellent customer service given to me and my family over many years by the staff at Sunset Bay.

John Sunset Bay Club January, 2018

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