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Diamond Resorts Files New Claims Against Carlsbad Law Group, Timeshare Compliance & Resort Advocacy Group for Operating Nationwide Consumer Scam


Newly Released Documents, Including Statements from Dozens of Vacation Owners, Illustrate Pattern of Deception by So-Called Timeshare Exit Companies & Attorneys

LAS VEGAS, January 27, 2021 — Diamond Resorts®, a global leader in the hospitality, vacation ownership and entertainment industries, announces the filing of additional claims in its lawsuit against Pandora Marketing (d/b/a Timeshare Compliance), Intermarketing Media (d/b/a Resort Advisory Group), Slattery, Sobel & Decamp, Del Mar Law Group, Carlsbad Law Group, Sean Slattery, McCroskey Legal, Unlock Legal, and Miranda McCroskey. The additional claims are based on newly-released documents, including dozens of statements from timeshare owners that illustrate a nationwide scam to deceive consumers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to the new legal filing by Diamond Resorts, Timeshare Compliance and Resort Advisory Group lure timeshare owners into paying large upfront fees in exchange for so-called timeshare “exit” services. By advertising a “legal method” and the services of lawyers, the Defendants are able to charge huge fees—sometimes exceeding $100,000. In reality, the companies and the law firms they partner with fail to deliver any legitimate service. Instead, they only mislead timeshare owners into breaching their timeshare contracts, which results in foreclosure and a negative impact on the owners' credit history.

Diamond’s complaint presents direct evidence of this scam, including dozens of testimonials from consumers and messages saved on Resort Advisory Group and Timeshare Compliance’s customer relationship management system.

For example, one timeshare owner states that he believed a group of timeshare lawyers would litigate the cancellation of his timeshare contract. As a result, he retained Resort Advisory, and paid an “exit” fee of over $70,000. Later, he discovered that the attorney was paid only $700 to send “exit” letters, and none of the remaining money was used for litigation, negotiation, or any other legal services.

Another victim of the scam documents her personal experience with Resort Advisory Group:

“We have come to realize that RAG kept us in the dark about the fact that the lawyer was not providing the services RAG promised. The financial consequences that have resulted from RAG’s ‘services’ are far worse than what we would have suffered by simply stopping timeshare payments and waiting for our credit to plummet….We owe more than $120,000 in credit card debt attributable to RAG, which includes the money we paid for RAG’s bad acts and its lawyers.”

Other timeshare owners state that they frequently receive no updates from the Lawyer Defendants regarding the progress of their case. One Diamond Owner left the following message:

“I just tried phoning you with questions on this retainer as I have thoroughly read the contract. I'm VERY wary of this and am wondering if I have been ‘duped’ again by Timeshare Compliance?.... You don’t answer the phone # you e-mailed me. I'm beginning to wonder if this is another scam….”

Notes logged in Resort Advocacy Group’s customer relationship management system document frequent customer complaints about their plummeting credit scores such as, “He began the call by stating we are a FAT SCAM …. He has been in the dark since he started with us. His credit score has been completely destroyed—went from an 800 down to a 600s….”

“It is absolutely despicable to hear how vacation owners have been scammed by these nefarious companies,” said Mike Flaskey, CEO, Diamond Resorts. “We will continue to do everything in our power to protect our members from being misled by these companies and will aggressively pursue every avenue to hold these companies to account.”

In addition to this case, Diamond Resorts has pursued more than 15 actions in courts across the country against numerous companies marketing themselves as third-party exit companies.

While the vast majority of members enjoy their vacation ownership, Diamond Resorts also understands that life circumstances can change and provides options for members seeking to safely modify or leave their vacation ownership behind. To learn more about red flags and report possible fraudulent third-party exit activity, visit

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