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Diamond Resorts Warns Members of Increase in Fraudulent Timeshare Exit Companies


The company is one of several industry leaders to take a hard stance against unethical timeshare exit practices

March 29, 2019 (Las Vegas, NV) – Diamond Resorts™ (Diamond), a leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, announced today it has launched a global campaign to protect its members from becoming victims of fraudulent third-party timeshare exit companies.

Diamond has noticed a large increase in third-party companies acting as resellers, or trying to solicit owners with promises to provide timeshare “transfer” or “exit” services. This is a serious problem that has hurt many of Diamond’s members and in some cases, has cost the members thousands of dollars without the outcome they were promised. These companies often make these promises in exchange for large, up-front fees, occasionally offering an alleged “money-back guarantee.” Many of our customers, and other timeshare owners who have fallen prey to these companies report that this guarantee is rarely fulfilled, and that they have been left without their money, still in debt and/or with damaged credit history. Diamond is not affiliated with any timeshare exit companies and strongly encourages members and owners to be on high alert for red flags, including companies that:

  • Claim they can “guarantee” an “exit” or ownership “transfer”
  • Ask or require upfront fees or offer a “money-back guarantee”
  • Ask for your personal Diamond Resorts login information
  • Tell you not to speak with or be in communication with Diamond Resorts
  • Tell you to stop making payments on your account
  • Claim they have a relationship or affiliation with Diamond Resorts

Diamond is warning members that if any company contacts them making claims to “transfer” or “exit” their timeshare, or exhibits one of the red flags, to contact the Diamond Resorts team directly, so a representative can help.

Diamond has partnered with other industry leaders and the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to raise awareness of the fraudulent practices of some timeshare exit companies. Diamond has also taken an aggressive legal strategy to protect its members.

During the past two years, Diamond has pursued legal actions against numerous timeshare exit companies and law firms that were assisting timeshare exit companies. To date, Diamond has filed approximately 12 lawsuits, six of which have already resulted in permanent injunctions against the firms or defendants, while the others remain pending.

Diamond is committed to providing unforgettable vacation experiences to its members and owners by creating opportunities for families and loved ones to build memories that they will cherish forever. While the company passionately believes in the value of vacations, Diamond also understands that life’s circumstances can change and Diamond has options for members looking to safely modify or leave their vacation ownership behind.

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