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5 Minutes with Country Music Artist Colt Ford

Country Music Artist Colt Ford

There is no denying Colt Ford loves what he does.

The one-time pro golfer turned songwriter and musician is comfortable onstage and confident when performing his unique blend of country music and hip hop rhythms. He has collaborated with some of country music’s most popular artists, including...

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How to Take Eco-Friendly Vacations

Eco-Friendly Vacations

Our planet is under stress and, since it is the only one we have, we need to take care of it. While many people try to forget about most of their responsibilities while traveling on vacation, you absolutely cannot forget about your responsibility to the environment. The harm that can be caused to the earth does not change just because...

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How to Find Family-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

Finding a vacation rental that is family friendly means that you found a spot that caters to all the members of your family, from young to old. There should be no safety concerns for young ones and no discrimination of services based on age.

It is one thing to find a good vacation rental. It is another to find a good vacation rental that meets all your needs – and this includes being family friendly. Just so you don’t waste your time, here are a few tips for finding that...

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Six Cool Weather Summer Vacations to Escape the Heat

Cool Weather Summer Vacations

Some of the most popular summer vacation spots are the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. While these places are beautiful and have a lot to offer travelers, they're known for their bright blue skies, bright blue waters, and warm weather.

Many people look forward to summertime but not everyone loves the hot temperatures that comes with it. Does this sound like you? Would you rather give up the always-anticipated beach vacation to spend some time on a gorgeous and cool journey?

You are not alone!

If you find yourself in need of a cooldown on your summer vacation, plan your trip to one of...

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New Ways to Enhance Vacations with Diamond Resorts

New Ways to Enhance Vacations with Diamond Resorts

It isn’t always easy to live like a local when traveling. Tourists typically stick to the same advertised activities, see the same standard sights and dine at the same popular restaurants. But the newly-launched Diamond Experiences Plus aims to change that for anyone vacationing with Diamond Resorts International®.

The organized activities program launched earlier this year at select Diamond Resorts destinations throughout Europe and has already provided members, owners and guests with once-in-a-lifetime experiences that they likely wouldn’t have planned on their own.The menu of activities offered varies per resort and season, so no matter when or where you decide to vacation...

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6 Quick and Fun Ways to Document Your Vacation

Document Your Vacation

Creative ways to document a trip to remember

One of the most important factors in planning a dream vacation is the question of how to document the trip for the future. Travelers for thousands of years have documented their journey. The days of etching the day's events on a rock are long gone, and today's travelers have an amazing array of options.

Just imagine what would have been left unknown but for the likes of the journals of Dr. Livingstone or Genghis Khan. Here are a few ideas, both old and new, on how to capture the magic of your own holiday, so these memories will...

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7 Ways to Have Fun and Enjoy Your Vacation

Ways to Have Fun and Enjoy Your Vacation

American adults don't go on vacation as often as they should.

While the average full-time employee received two weeks of paid time-off, research shows most U.S. workers fails to use about five paid vacations days per year. In today's fast-paced world, there tends to be an inclination to do it all and see it all. The technology of today revolves widely around apps and websites that can do everything from book a restaurant, map your walking tour, and even find the nearest...

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10 Exotic Vacation Spots You Have to See to Believe

Exotic Vacation Spots

Travelers come in a multitude of styles. The backpacker crowd live the high live on less and values a cheap party over luxury. The millennial crowd moves up into the flash packer category, valuing experiences over possessions, but also knows that a dingy hostel isn't what they're looking for.

Families frequently prefer destinations such as Disneyland or a dude ranch where the kids can never, ever...

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Vacation Planning Made Easy in Just Five Simple Steps

Vacation Planning Made Easy

American adults don't go on vacation as often as they should.

One question often asked is how to book a vacation package. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the multitude of options out there, it can become somewhat overwhelming, especially for new travelers.

It is possible, of course, to simply book all of the elements of a great vacation on your own. You can spend hours researching flight deals, hotel specials, and destinations. However, many busy families are simply looking for that special package that handles all of the individual dynamics for them. It certainly simplifies things if a one-click booking process can take care of all of your transportation, lodging, and sometimes, even...

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